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finished restoration projects


       I am excited and loved the video you made.  You are a class act.  I cannot put into words how I appreciate what you have done for me and my family.  Our machine is one of a million of other pachinko machines that are out there but when my kids see it in the shape you have restored it to, it will become the most prized Pachinko Machine in our little world.

Chris J.

I cannot thank Dan enough for the time he took walking me through getting my pachinko machine going. He was super knowledgeable and extremely helpful. And a very nice guy. I’m looking forward to getting my machine fully restored in the future. It’ll definitely be going to Dan. It’s my father’s machine and I wouldn’t trust it with anyone else.

Dr. Holt

I recently purchased a restored pachinko machine from Dan. What an awesome experience. From the first contact through to the FaceTime call to walk me through the working and understanding to debug issues of the machine after it was received was a great experience and shows his caring for customers and knowledge of the products. I highly recommend purchasing from Magic Pachinko Restorations.
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