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Pachinko Balls

pachinko balls.jpg

Need Balls? I got 'em!

500 count bags


$40 shipped to you.

Most vintage machines should have at least 500 balls

 to be fully functional.


I have a small amount of engraved balls for sale.  These are available in limited quantities.  


Please use contact form for purchase


Stabilization feet

Custom Designed Wooden Support Feet For Pachinko Machine
Metal Support Feet For Pachinko Machine For Sale

If you aren't going to mount your machine in a wall cabinet, 

you should have some sort of stabilization feet on your machine to prevent it from tipping over.

I offer custom made wood feet.   

After the customization is done, I sand them smooth and apply two coats of polyurethane. 

 I then drill and countersink the mounting holes.  Screws are included.


These are screwed into the bottom of the pachinko's frame.  

Proper placement is 3" in from each end and then center the foot front to back.


The metal feet also screw into the bottom of the frame usually at opposite ends.

Metal feet are $25 with free shipping.


Custom cut Feet are $40 per pair with free Priority Mailing.









PLEase use contact form for purchase


Model A Style Catch Box

These plastic boxes were specially printed to fit your Model A machine.

They come in blue or white.  The highlights can be white, red, blue or black. 

$25 shipped to you (Free shipping)

Complete Power Kit

This Kit contains: 

12VDC Wall plug power converter

pigtail connector

(3) e10 12v light blubs

2a fuse

$30 shipped to you (Free shipping)

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