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How to package your pachinko machine for a safe trip.

I have shipped 225+ machines all over the country with great success.  

If packaged properly, they will travel well without damage. I have included some additional tips on what box to use and what size to make it the most cost effective shipping solution. 

Supplies Needed

  • Bubble Wrap 

  • Packing Tape 

  • Box Cutter

  • Box 


The ideal box measures 36" x 24" x 12" and is double walled.  

This box gives you enough room to wrap the machine in bubble wrap which will protect it.

 If your box is larger than these dimensions, you will be charged more to ship it.


Home Depot sells a wardrobe box that measures 36 x 24 x 24.  

This box works fine as it is plenty big enough for the machine and the padding.  


You must however cut this box down in size to 36 x 24 x 12 to avoid an oversize upcharge which is substantial!


Start by wrapping your machine with at least two layers of bubble wrap on all sides.


Once this is done you only need to have a box that is just large enough for the machine to fit into. A lot of my customers build their own boxes by combining two smaller boxes to make one that the machine fits into.

Pachinko machines average about 40-45 lbs. once packaged and ready for shipment. Over 50 lbs. will result in an upcharge from the shipper.

Do not ship pachinko balls with your machine (unless you can't get them out) as I don't need them and they only add weight.

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