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Displaying Your newly restored Pachinko Machine 

This area will showcase some of the ways my customers display their machines.  When I do a restoration, I include custom made stabilizing feet to the bottom of the machine.  This keeps them from tipping over and allows you to place them just about anywhere.  However, if you want to get creative, here are some alternatives.


Wall Mounted Cabinet


Wall mounted cabinets are a very easy way to display your pachinko machine.  They can be made very simply or quite complex.  The cabinet shown below is made from Poplar wood and stained with an oak stain.  It is hung on the wall using a French Cleat hanger.

The cabinet should be constructed so as to allow 1/2" clearance on both sides and the top.  One half of the French Cleat is screwed to the wall in the proper position and the other is screwed to the backside top of the cabinet.  Once the cabinet is secured to the wall the pachinko machine can be slid into the cabinet.  Bring the bottom edge of the pachinko flush with the bottom of the cabinet and then center the machine left to right.  Run two screw up from the bottom of the cabinet into the bottom of the pachinko machine's frame.  Tip the pachinko machine back so that it is just a freckle off level and run a screw in from each side.  This will hold the machine into the cabinet securely.  

If you don't have a key for your machine (and 99% won't) you need to make allowances to get at the latch that holds the pachinko in it's frame.  Simply done, cut a hole in the side of the cabinet big enough for your hand/fingers to get at the latch.  There are other ways to do this and I'll be glad to share those ways with anyone who is interested. Contact me.



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